Who knows the compelling reasons why a young athlete would go out for basketball – or wrestling? Visit Duane Roberts’ recollection of that decision under Bill Burrows’ tutelage. “Bill asked why I did not wrestle instead of playing basketball... Bill told me, ‘look at all the different holds you learn in Wrestling’ … ‘what good would that do me?’… his reply: ‘have you ever had a date???’”
Speaking of wrestling holds, here was Frank Martinez’ sure-fire escape, as described by Gabby Martinez: “…we all remember Peach Pomade …imagine attempting a wrestling hold on someone who has his hair coated in it.  [Frank] would squirt out of any real attempts to hang on to him. I never beat him once.”
And we’re still waiting for the rest of the story from Tim Rivera or Wilma Meder on Patsy Suazo’s page: “Patsy was my high school prom date… Wilma, do you remember that night at the A&W Root Beer stand? The memories are still great.”
These are a few entries. We encourage classmates to read the entries so far, and to post additional memories – whether funny, tender, happy, or sad – of all our departed classmates (see below), with special attention to those who don’t yet have an entry.


By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Gabriel Martinez

Donald Crawford
Kathleen Katsumoto (Gilliland)
Sharon Rogers (Rankin)
Anne Tooker (Cary)  

Richard Jaramillo  
Abe Maestas  
Pat Martinez (Shutto)  
John Waldroupe  

David Bailey  
Judy Hendrickson (Carson)  
Walter Maddux  

Leo Griego

Saramae Myers (Scheibe)  

Adela Maestas (Martinez)  

David Dawson

Arthur Alsbaugh
Bill Burroughs  
Gary Dabney  
Louis Gasca  
Betha Green (Throgmorton)
Virginia Higel (Dietz)  
La Rene Huggins (Tucker)
Jacqueline Johnson (Legate)
Mary Lou Kinne
James Lujan  
Harold Martin  
Frank Martinez  
Sharlene Massegee (Clark)  
Lois Ann McIntire (Bradley)  
Pat Pettengill (Shea)  
Carol Richardson (Hires)
Cecilia Sanchez  
Henry Sanchez  
Judy Speiser (Dorman)  
Patsy Suazo  
Susan Werner (Robinson)

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