Missing Classmates


We're trying to contact as many of the Class of '60 as possible for the 50th reunion in July.  We have a great team (Don Crawford, Virginia (Hardy) Trower, Sharon (Rogers) Rankin, and Frank Newton) who have kept address lists over the years and/ or have done some great detective work to find missing classmates.  If you know where any of them might be now,  their last known address, or relatives who might know where they are, please click "Contact Us" and send us the information.

If you are in contact with any of these classmates, please give them the address for this website:   www.moosie1960.com.  If you have an e-mail address for any of them, you can click their name on this list and automatically send them an invitation to join the site.  Thank you!


Jerry Charlifu
Robert Ehmke
Camille Foe (Cohenour)
Robert Martinez
David Gene Medina
Robert Montgomery
Augustine Trujillo