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Anne Tooker (Cary)

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Charles Asay

Anne (Tooker) Cary is one tough cookie.  As I recall, she wrestled me down on Sadie Hawkin’s Day in 1956.  Alamosa High School didn’t have girl’s sports back then so the only time guys could see how fast and how strong the women were was by watching them at work at the Sadie Hawkin’s Day races.  It was great fun…well, for most of us anyway. 

Anne went on to become a nurse.  She met her husband, Bryan, at the Air Force Academy.  He was training to be a pilot while she was in training to be a nurse here in Colorado Springs.  After they were married, Bryan flew jets in Vietnam and, after he retired from the Air Force, he became a pastor. The only time I saw Anne in action, as a nurse, was when I was visiting my Aunt Ida at the Old Soldiers Home in Monte Vista.  My Aunt said Anne was a great nurse and compared to an angel.  When Marge and I visited them, from time to time, Bryan and I would talk for hours, about politics and theology.  Marge and Anne would talk mostly about their kids.  Anne must have been a great mother.  Her kids all grew up to be successful…farmers, doctors and engineers…I believe.  

Like I said, Anne was tough.  In her later years she suffered from back problems, heart problems and various injuries but withstood them all until the end. We’re going to miss Anne but I’m pretty sure the folks in Heaven are really going to like her.  She is a real blessing.  

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