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David Bailey

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01/23/21 10:12 PM #1    

Terry Jones

Just a belated note about David Bailey.  Over the years, I visited him three times in Granby, CO where he worked and lived.  Since I had a summer place in Grand Lake I would pass through Granby, north of Winter Park, on my two hour trip to and from Denver.  (Yes, my place in Grand Lake was spared by the October 2020 wild fire.)  David owned and ran a motor parts company in the south end of town so I would stop by and say hello.  Aftrer he retired I visited him twice.  The last time was the fall of 2019.  I had visited Lloyd Koonce in Albuquerque earlier that summer and Loyd wanted me to say hello to David.  (Lloyd had stayed with David's folks in Alamosa for a while when Lloyd first moved there from Arkansas.)  When I knocked on the back door it slowly opend and I was greeted by a very loud, barking dog being held back with the collar by David who warned me "he bites."  So we made an attempt to converse through the glass storm door while the dog exerted his ferocious warning, "don't come near me."  I conveyed the well wishes of Lloyd and made a quick exit to the car.  That was the last time I saw David "Beetle" Bailey. 

01/24/21 12:10 PM #2    

Donald Crawford

David and I were good friends during our grade school years.  I lived about 2 blocks from where he lived and we used to play baseball in the large field next to David's home.  We spent a lot of time together and I got to know his family.  His father, Troy,  woked at Hainey's auto parts store located on Main Street at the intersection for the La Jara highway.

David had diabetes and gave himself insulin shots every morning.  We were in the mountains part way up Cumbres Pass scouting for elk when David had a low sugar problem.  I was glad he new what to do because I felt helpless.  It taught me the importance of having a stash of candie or fruit when hiking in the mountains with or without a diabetic present. 

Jana and I visited David sever times in Grandby.  We had a time share in Winter Park an made it a point to visit David.  I remember he had a garage full of model airplanes with remote controls, some of them very large.  There were at least two dozen model planes and probably more.

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