In Memory

Virginia Higel (Dietz)

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Eileen Chadwell

I grew up around Virginia.  We lived pretty close, just a few fields away and went to the old Mt. Pleasant School ( one room with six grades) not far from our houses.  Tommy Higel, Connie Higel, Charles Knoop, ( and Lyle Wiescamp went there a year or so),  plus all our brother and sisters.  We all lived on farms that were pretty close.  We rode in the LITTLE yellow school bus!  We played on the playground and climed trees, had school plays, etc.  Our parents all belonged to clubs in the area and they had Christmas parties,  parties for all the holidays, ice skating parties, dances, picnics at school and in the mountains.  It was all very fun!!!  Virginia or I would walk to each other house and play in the fields or in the big cellers, ice skate, play dolls, ride my horse, just anything.  We had a lot of fun.  We went to town to junior high school  in seventh grade and all rode the BIG  yellow school bus and all of us just sort of turned to other friends and lives.  I saw her a few times over the years and when my Mom passed away in  June 2005, I saw her a couple of times and she was very sick.  She passed away a few months later.  I was shocked and saddened.  I will always remember her and our fun times.  May you rest in peace and happiness Virginia    Love, Eileen

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